Thank you for your interest in First State Depository for your Iraqi Dinar Storage needs.

Welcome to First State Depository.  Our storage fees are based on the US$ value and are set at 50 basis points per annual (value x .0009) or $15 per month ($180 per annual) whichever is greater. All accounts are fully SEGREGATED accounts and are insured 100% of their value under our policies with Lloyds of London.

To begin the account opening process, simply complete the account agreement here if you are opening an Individual account under your name; or here if you are opening an account for your company. Once you have completed this form and hit submit, a copy of the agreement will be sent to you and me via email.

Once I have received this I will send you an email titled “Welcome to First State.” This email will be your confirmation that your account is opened and ready to receive metals/Dinar at this time. You will be provided your account number in this email and will need only to provide this number to the company/person shipping your metals/Dinar.

Upon receipt and verification of your metals/Dinar, First State will provide you with an Activity and Holdings Report. The Activity will detail what was received, by who, and from which carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.); the Holdings Report will provide for you a detailed description of your holdings, quantity, and US$ value.

Invoices for Individual and Corporate accounts are done on a quarterly basis and billing only begins once metals/Dinar has been received.

I hope that I have been able to provide you the information that you seek and ask that you not hesitate to contact me if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

With every best regard,

Eric Higgins

To Request Additional Information Use the Links Below:


If your Dinar holdings ARE NOT in an IRA account

Click Here and we will email you the instructions and links to the forms you will need to fill out, along with associated costs for Individual Custody Plus Depository Services  for Non-Qualified personal accounts.


If your Dinars are held within an IRA Account

Please Click Here to fill out the request form.

Instructions on completing the transaction, including costs and contact information will be sent to you by email immediately.