Add Gold to a 401K

Your 401k Plan Can Invest in Gold! Ask Your Employer to Allow It.

Clients and potential clients often ask us if they can invest in Gold or other precious metals in their employer sponsored 401k plans. If you are currently the owner of a self-directed IRA, HSA, or Individual 401k plan you know the answer is yes, you make the decisions with those plans. However the answer with employer sponsored plans is a little tricky. A resounding “Yes, But”. And that is a significant “But”.

Yes, the IRS allows any 401k plan, IRA, HSA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Profit Sharing Plan, to invest in Gold and Precious metals, IF the plan document allows it. For individual accounts, like IRAs, HSAs, SEP IRAs, the individual can select a plan, such as all the ones provided by  New Direction, which allows it. However, the individual wanting to invest in Precious Metals within their employer’s plan must look and see if the employer’s plan offers access to metals. Most do not, YET. But they can, if the employees demand it! The company can add it as an investment option, if they choose, for at least a portion of the individual’s investment option.

Gold can be a valuable and relatively easy option for an Employer to add to their plan.  New Direction can help do all the required record keeping and reporting for metals owned within a company plan and provide the structure to make it work cost effectively for the employer and employee participant in the plan.

The details of purchasing precious metals within an employer-sponsored 401K plan vary based on how the “plan document” was created and approved by the IRS, but in almost every case, the plan can be modified to allow metals, or it may be as easy as the company electing to include it from a menu of available options.

If you want to move all or a portion of your retirement plan to metals, call your retirement plan official at your employer and demand they add a precious metals option.

For those who have access to retirement funds that they already control, such as an IRA or rollover 401k, move those funds to a Self-Directed account with  New Direction and start taking charge of your retirement future. This includes people with 401k money still in previous employer’s plans, those with Traditional and Roth IRAs and HSAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP/IRAs plus any small company owners who have a retirement plan, but no outside employees.

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