Precious Metals Storage


First State Depository consists of a highly-secure storage facility located inside a roughly 15,000 square foot controlled-entry building surrounded by fully-monitored security fencing. A Class-3 “MEGAcrete modular vault” with outside dimensions of 22’ x 22’ x 9’7” tall sits on 27-inches of 4,000 psi concrete that is reinforced with 5 grids of #5 (5/8th inch) rebar laced in accordance with ASTM standards.

The vault door is a three-combination UL Class-3 Gladiator Door, weighing approximately 5,670 pounds. The design of this vault system is equivalent to a TRTL 120 x 6 rating (torch and tool resistant for 120-minutes on all sides). As with our entire facility, our vault security is monitored “24/7” off-site by Security Instruments of Wilmington, plus we independently scan using strategically-placed digital cameras.

Our vault is independently alarmed. Surrounding the vault is our “strong room,” also separately alarmed. Our strong room is used to store bulk silver and other bulk products such as 90% silver bags, 1,000 ounce silver bars, Presidential Dollars and State Quarters.