Our Company…

First State Depository Company, LLC (“First State“) is a private depository company offering a full range of specialized certified coin and precious metals custody, shipping and accounting services to both commercial and individual participants in the rare coin and precious metals markets.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware and founded by professionals having extensive experience in the rare coin/bullion market since 1979. . We understanding YOUR needs and requirements, and simply provide the BEST SERVICE and LOWEST FEES in the industry

Gold Bullion Storage

We know that asset safety, transaction accuracy and expeditious fulfillment are of paramount importance to all our depository customers, whether they are commercial enterprises conducting frequent, high volume business transactions, or individuals seeking a safe place to hold their personal coin and bullion investments.

And, simply stated, we offer the best in responsive, personal, and user-friendly service.

Our Customers Are Our Focus

At First State, we value all our business relationships. We are fully dedicated to serving our customers and helping them succeed. We offer a variety of custody arrangements to meet the divergent needs of all commercial market participants and personal investors. And, we are committed to providing all of our customers – both large and small alike – with cordial, responsive and accurate service at all times.

Security Is Paramount

At First State, your assets are stored in insured accounts, within our highly secure, multi-alarmed facility. Moreover, the specific storage location of all your coins and bullion items is individually tracked. And most importantly, First State’s professional security specialists independently monitor our depository facility, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Accountability Is Built-In

Your assets are held at First State “in custody.” This means they are stored off First State’s balance sheet and are not considered assets of our company. In fact, they are never co-mingled with, or become the assets of our depository. Unlike many other “storage” programs, your coins and bullion always remain physically stored in our depository, in your account and your legal property at all times; they can never be used by First State, or anyone else, ever.

Our Service Is Conflict-Free

Unlike most other depositories, First State does not trade, make markets, or buy or sell inventory. Thus, as our customer, you will always be assured that your business information is held in strict confidence, that your coin and bullion inventories will remain secure, and that you and your assets receive the personal attention and special handling you deserve.