How to Exchange Gold and Other Precious Metals: New Direction IRA Announces Industry-Best Metals Exchange Process

New Direction IRA announces the fastest metals exchange procedure of any self-directed IRA provider, utilizing industry-best technology and a knowledgeable client support team. New Direction IRA helps investors learn how to exchange gold and other precious metals within their IRAs.

LOUISVILLE, COLO. – New Direction IRA announces the fastest metals exchange procedure of any self directed IRA provider, utilizing industry-best technology and a knowledgeable client support team to serve the needs of metals buyers and sellers.

newdirectioniraGiven the fluctuating metals market, precious metals buyers and sellers rely on quick exchanges of their IRA held metals. Exchanges occur when an investor trades some or all of a metal type in his account for another physical metal type. For example an IRA holder could trade some gold coins or bars for some silver coins or bars.

Most IRA providers need weeks to perform an exchange, requiring investors to sell the metals, wait for the money to come back to the IRA, purchase new metals and ship those new metals.

New Direction IRA expedites the exchange process by allowing the metals to be directly exchanged at the depository after paperwork is submitted online. Exchanges are completed in days, providing valuable flexibility to metals buyers and sellers.

New Direction IRA CEO Bill Humphrey said the company listened to requests from precious metals buyers and sellers and has seen an influx in customers who want the ability to exchange metals quickly in their IRA.

“We repeatedly heard from both IRA owners and their metals dealers that they wanted to be able to move from one type of metal to another within their IRA holdings or that they wanted to move from rounds to bars of the same metal without a full blown sale and purchase process, but their current IRA provider either couldn’t do it or took too long,” Humphrey said.

“Given the speed that prices change in today’s market such desires are likely to increase,” he added. “We created the our new precious metals exchange process to help both account holders and metals dealers accomplish exchanges quickly and on a cost effective basis.”

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New Direction IRA is a provider of self-directed IRAs, specializing the bookkeeping and administration of these accounts. New Direction IRA allows investors to maximize their IRA funds by allowing investments in real estate, precious metals, equity and more.

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Make Your Move…How to Select the Right IRA Plan Administrator

By Lisa Moren Bromma

It amazes me to see the number of people starting companies that state they are custodians or recordkeepers of self-directed IRAs or who develop associations for the IRA industry that are there to “oversee” and “protect the consumer.”

With the Bernie Madoffs of the world out there trying to take advantage of our last dollar, we all need to take extra caution when selecting the right administrator for our IRA. After all, it is our future!

When doing your due diligence, here are some things to ask in your quest to find the right recordkeeper.

1. How long has the company been in business? Watch out for the new pop-up companies on the Internet. Many are not legitimate and are not regulated. Do a background check on any potential provider.
2. Ask for one simple document: the current 5305. If they don’t give it to you, move on.
3. Does the company have a custodial bank? If so, who is it? Are your deposits FDIC insured? Who regulates the bank? If you do not get a clear answer, move on.
4. Is the company’s only service doing recordkeeping on a client’s behalf? If not, does the company do any of the following:

* Sell securities, potentially profiting from your transaction
* Offer other services, such as forming LLCs or other legal structures and charge thousands of dollars for the service
* Recommend any investments, providers of investments, or any other party that could be perceived as giving advice

Make sure that the company is not using recordkeeping as a means to get you to purchase other services.

You owe it to yourself and your financial future to make sure that you are in the right hands.